The Technology Fix: The Promise and Reality of Computers in Our Schools

The Technology Fix Author: William D. Pflaum Published by: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2004 The majority of schools, boards and parents in Canada have embraced technology and computers as a key element in the education of our children in the 21st century. Many schools have spent thousands of dollars acquiring computers, software and […]

Deep Waters: Courage, Character and the Lake Timiskaming Canoeing Tragedy

Deep Waters: Courage, Character and the Lake Timiskaming Canoeing Tragedy Author: James Raffan Published by: HarperCollins, 2002 “On the morning of June 11, 1978, 27 boys and four leaders from St. John’s School in Ontario set out on a canoeing expedition from the wharf at Timiskaming, Quebec, headed for James Bay along an old voyageurs’ […]

Virtually Useless

Are computers in the classroom doing our children a disservice? In 1985, Steve Jobs and the ingenious folks at Apple Computer started a $25 million US educational experiment called Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow. The project began with a handful of schools; a decade later, 13 schools from across the United States had been picked and […]

Technology in Schools

Friend or foe? Does  technology belong in our schools? This may seem a very odd question to be posed by a head of school in the year 2004. I think a certain amount of skepticism, even towards something as seemingly commonplace as technology, is healthy. No aspect of school life is exempt from examination. At […]

Teaching the Teachers

How to get educators on the technological bandwagon First it was the whole-language movement, then it was new math. By the 1980s, when computers started to make their way into the classroom, it seemed someone, somewhere was constantly peddling a new, better way to get kids to learn. Is it any wonder that teachers were […]

Light My Fire

Educators can help students by pointing them in the direction of innovative programming Jacqueline Shaver is no slouch when it comes to teaching science to the girls of St. Clement’s School in Toronto, Ontario. A theoretical physicist by training and head of the school’s science department, she knows her stuff. But even good teachers sometimes […]

A Wonder-filled and Imaginative Education

Technology does not replace creativity and inspiration Violins vibrate, colours smell and books have texture — isn’t that wondrous? In order to exist, wonder must observe something either unexpected . . . astonishing . . . perhaps verging on miraculous. We must be careful, when weighing the benefits of technology within the classroom, to secure […]

Monitoring Computer Use in the Classroom

Is elementary school the best place to learn about the digital world? Are they learning? That insistent question keeps bubbling to the surface as more and more private elementary schools embrace computer learning. Are computers in the classroom a fad or are they a huge advance that will produce a better-educated generation of children? The […]

Lights, Computers, Action

Today’s students make movies and music, run robots, design dresses and gaze at the stars Today’s students are a techno-savvy group; they play computer games, host their own websites and chat endlessly on cellphones and online. And when it comes to their academic careers, students (and their parents) demand the same level of commitment to […]

Beyond the Blackboard

Resources and tools give educators and students a high tech edge (from 2004) USB pen drives | Small but mighty Over the last several years, Universal Serial Bus (USB ) pen drives have slowly increased in popularity as their capacity and speed rise, and their price decreases. With almost every new computer sold on the […]