October 10, 2015

Seminars: Social Media for Schools and Summer Camps

Our webinar, Social Media for Schools and Summer Camps, was a big hit. We’re so grateful to those that attended and excited to offer a video of the whole presentation here. You can click here to see the slides.

The video will take a little while to load.

Resource List – some things you can use to inspire yourself in Social Media


  • Crush It – Gary Vaynerchuk (Keep an eye on Gary. He’s very excitable, and a bit curse-y, but he tries out everything for his company at WineLibrary.tv and tells his readers what works. His book has a great social media starter checklist on page 104.)
  • Lynchpin – Seth Godin (Making a difference in your organization. Not specifically about social media but relevant.)
  • Grown Up Digital -Don Tapscott (I love Don’s idea for a new style of resume for a digital native – young adults and kids who have never known a world without the internet). Don’s interview in Dialogue Magazine.
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – Joe Trippi (Managed Howard Dean’s presidential campaign. This book was the first to open me up to all of the possibilities with this stuff)
  • Small Giants – Bo Burlingham (small companies doing cool things and staying small)
  • Made to Stick – Chip & Dan Heath (simple models for presenting information to that people will remember it and want to spread it. WAAAAY more interesting than it sounds – think: urban legends)


Twitter Numbers

Someone asked if I knew how many people were on Twitter in British Columbia, Canada. Using Twellow I was able to get the following figures (keep in mind that this is people who post to Twitter, the number of people who read Twitter will be a bit higher and the number is growing everyday):

  • Canadian Twitterers – 193 145
  • BC Twitterers – 41 398
  • Ontario Twitterers – 95 993
  • US Twitterers – 2 310 000
  • New York Twitterers – 199 014 (Hi Dan!)


Add these to your Google Reader to keep up on trends in social media.

Other Resources/Reading

What resources do you use to keep yourself current?

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